Tool pre-setters, every machine shop should have one.

Olaf Stoffels from Haimer UK explains to MTDCNC’s Joe Reynolds why we should be be pre-setting our tools off line. The Haimer VIO 20 150 is a high level linear drive tool pre-setter that is repeatable & maintenance free. With this machine costing around £10K the return on investment is only 3 to 9 months and gives an increase of 10% in productivity. Advantages of setting tools off the machine are;
– better use of machine time,
– making parts not measuring tools,
– reduced scrap rates,
– better tool life,
– reduced inspection time and
– better quality parts.

At the heart of the machine lies Haimer’s new easy to use automated software which has an interface with other CAD / CAM systems to link to their tooling lists. Haimer also now have a new interface with HyperMILL. Every machine shop of any size should have a tool pre-setter; talk to Haimer today to get yours.

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