Empowering family organizations: Hastreiter Industries’ success with Datanomix Machine Monitoring!

ERP systems are great – but Datanomix machine monitoring gives you quantitative data for complete shop floor visibility!

How can machine monitoring help manufacturers become more efficient and productive? MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn meets Kylan Hastreiter of Hastreiter Industries to find out all the answers! Started in a basement in 1988, Hastreiter Industries has grown to cover over 43,000 square feet of space with almost twenty machines and a team of 28 amazing employees. They’ve continued to invest in world-leading technology, including Matsuura and Okuma – and they recently brought on Datanomix, a real-time production monitoring system that’s helped Hastreiter Industries “put tools in the hands of operators and enable them to make decisions on live data!”

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