The flexible BOST VTL 25 2000 is a machine built for multi-tasking.

Rowan of MTDCNC and Michael of BOST visit NEUMAN & ESSER to discuss the VTL 25 2000 installed at their facility since 2019. Michael explains the difficulties of machining big parts like massive pistons that go into compressors. Bringing such huge parts into the shop is one of the biggest challenges, and BOST have designed the VTL 25 2000 to allow operators enough open area to easily load and unload parts. Not just round parts, but the VTL 25 2000 allows different operations like drilling, milling, and turning and comes with a universal 5-axis milling head and hydrostatic guideways and axes. Find out how you can perform different processes on one setup for reduced cycle time with the stiff and robust VTL 25 2000 from BOST.