PSL Datatrack – Making Accreditation Easy

Regardless of the accreditation level a subcontract precision engineering business has, it needs to be able to provide core traceability. Luckily for them, this is an automatic, integral feature of PSL Datatrack production control software.

Elements such as material traceability, suppliers used, certifications, who has worked on the job on the shop floor, which machines were utilised and which gauges were used to measure components are all part and parcel of the traceability bundle that companies need to produce, as proof that they are adhering to the accreditation level they are seeking to achieve or maintain.

All of these different steps are things that have to be done in the day-to-day running of the business anyway, so by performing those functions in a designated, purpose-designed system, scanning documents where needed and updating the system for the fact that each step has been performed aids in the smooth running of the business and provides the ability to report on each element.

Ultimately, auditors are there to spot check and make sure things are being done as they should be. If all paperwork is kept in filing cabinets it can be very time consuming and inefficient to hunt through different folders and wallets until finding what is required.

One PSL Datatrack customer, historically, was looking at extending their factory for storage of documentation. They were keeping documents for a number of years and were running out of space. They’d got as far as doing tentative plans and were chatting it through with the auditor, who agreed they could do that but pointed out that finding paperwork for a job from 4 years ago, for example, would be nearly impossible.

In PSL Datatrack, however, it’s very simple. Each job is recorded on the system as a works order. The user can go to any current or historic works order and run one report which provides a concise summary of related records from all modules for each job. There is also a Documents facility available which allows the user to scan and save any extra relevant paperwork.

The auditor therefore has great confidence that everything is fully traced and digitally recorded. Drawing control is another example; you can prove how you make sure that you wouldn’t make a job to the wrong issue as it’s all traced and controlled by the system.

Indeed, the feedback we have had from customers confirms that auditors are happy with the process of using PSL Datatrack to scan information and store it in the system. With everything that’s happened in the last few years, there is the expectation now of more digital recording of data.

The ISO consultant one PSL Datatrack customer was using actually suggested they had a look at PSL Datatrack. They were looking for a system at the time and they felt Datatrack was the right fit for their business. It’s proven to be – could it be for your business too?

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