Sandvik Coromant Unveils CoroMill MR80: A High-Performance Milling Solution for Steel Applications

Sandvik Coromant has recently launched a groundbreaking milling concept, the CoroMill MR80, engineered specifically for challenging roughing operations across a diverse range of face and profile milling tasks in steel and stainless steel.

The CoroMill MR80 introduces a double-sided round insert concept, boasting a significantly higher number of inserts compared to conventional round insert cutters. Specifically designed for low-depth-of-cut operations up to 3 mm in both face and profile milling tasks in steel and stainless steel, this innovation heralds a new era in milling performance.

Initially tailored for machining cast stainless components in the automotive sector, such as turbochargers and exhaust manifolds, this product has been refined to meet the demands of steel milling applications, particularly in segments like die and mold manufacturing. Sandvik Coromant emphasizes that the CoroMill MR80 delivers heightened productivity and cost-effective machining without compromising operational safety and security.

The CoroMill MR80 showcases double-sided inserts offering an impressive 12 indexing possibilities within a 3 mm depth of cut. The increased number of inserts on the cutter body allows for elevated table feed rates, thereby enhancing overall productivity. Moreover, its enhanced stability and reliability minimize damage to the cutter body and inserts, resulting in reduced costs over time.

Its lightweight cutting geometry empowers the CoroMill MR80 to address challenging machining scenarios, even with extended overhangs, serving as an effective problem-solving tool.

The CoroMill MR80 assortment encompasses cylindrical and arbor cutter bodies ranging from 32 to 100 mm in diameter, equipped with 3 to 12 cutting teeth, along with pitch and shim protection. All cutter bodies are integrated with internal coolant supply features. The double-sided E-L50 inserts facilitate easy and accurate indexing (6 + 6) within the recommended 3 mm depth of cut.

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