Eco-Friendly Metal Defense: Cortec’s Rust-Preventive Oils with Bio-Based Shielding

Cortec Corporation’s EcoLine 3690: A Sustainable Solution for Long-Term Metal Protection”

Cortec Corporation introduces EcoLine 3690, a rust preventive that revolutionizes metal component protection with its canola-oil-based formulation. Designed for enduring defense in challenging conditions like high humidity and marine environments, this innovative product deposits a thin, resilient oily film on metal surfaces.

Setting itself apart, EcoLine 3690 boasts a remarkable 72% USDA certified bio-based content, significantly reducing the reliance on nonrenewable elements found in conventional oil-based rust preventives. Ideal for environmentally conscious users, this wet-film corrosion inhibitor offers a greener alternative that is both worker-friendly and eco-friendly.

EcoLine 3690 goes beyond the norm by being classified as zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) and carrying no hazard statements. Application methods are versatile, allowing users to apply it through spray, dip, or brush techniques. The protection it provides can be easily removed with an alkaline cleaner when the safeguarding period concludes.

Applicable across a spectrum of uses, EcoLine 3690 finds its place in automotive service parts, air brake system tanks, large equipment moving parts, and more. While its primary function is rust prevention during prolonged storage, it also serves as an effective solution for in-process, in-transit, or as part of a comprehensive site mothballing plan.

While acknowledging that EcoLine 3690 may not suit every application, Cortec Corporation affirms its standing as a commendable alternative to traditional oily rust preventives, offering a sustainable and efficient choice for metal protection needs.

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