PSL Datatrack’s Tooling module offers complete control for more efficiency and profitability

Colin Griffiths and Geoff Gartland discuss the Tooling module of PSL Datatrack, which gives users a view on different jobs that need the same tool, how far ahead to look for bulk buying, and making sure there are enough tools in stock. With two levels of tooling, the first is the Tool Definitions library where users can define durable and consumable tools, who the tools are being purchased from, stock levels and more. The second stage is the Bill of Tools, which itemises multiple tools for jobs by defining the tool setup sheet and estimating the tool life per consumable tool. When an order is processed, the system knows the estimated tool life, batch size required, number of tools needed, and whether you need to bulk buy or order for a specific job. The benefit? Keep those spindles turning and save expensive costs from inaccurate orders. Find out how PSL Datatrack gives you complete control of what you order and when, and how it interfaces with other systems like automated tool vending machines.

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