Bison UK develop a new vice that customers have been asking for!

Tom Skubala from MTDCNC and Mike Harris from Bison UK discuss a brand-new CNC-quality machine vice, a first from the UK! Bison offer different versions of the vice, but Mark displays the smallest 125 jaw width version. It has a big swarf trap in it which keeps the Swarf from going in, and the machine spindle is covered as well. Both hydraulic and pneumatic, the product is a normal hand crank vice with up to 40 kilo Newtons worth of pressure. Along with the vice, Bison offer step jaws, prismatic jaws, groove jaws, and standard jaws. Since the jaws are reversible, they offer extra capacity and height. The vice is a single block of high-grade cast alloy steel with nothing bolted on, allowing it to deliver 0.001 accuracy! Watch the full video to know how this CNC quality vice provides high clamping forces to be used with any kind of milling and grinding machine.

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