Engineering Data’s innovative solutions will keep the spindles turning in the UK

Versatile, flexible, and innovative – Engineering Data’s automation, zero-point, and workholding solutions will have a huge impact on the UK market! In today’s Swarf & Chips, MTDCNC’s Giovanni Albanese visits Engineering Data in France to look at some fantastic automated products for standard and bespoke engineering solutions. Matthew Jenness of Micron Workholding shares more on the easy-to-program EASY PROD 6-axis robot that can run CNC lathes and mills, can be palletized, and can handle up to 6 machines! We also get to see the award-winning 2-square-meter EASYBOX T30, a 3-axis robot with a 30kg payload and 42 pallets, able to run with any existing 3-axis or new 5-axis CNC machine. Watch the video to see some interesting workholding and zero-point gripper options and Engineering Data’s impressive software designed to work with any machine tool company.

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