Since 1978, Tsugami America has been the exclusive source for Precision Tsugami CNC machine tools in North America. Tsugami CNC lathes and CNC Milling Machines are known around the world for their machining and positioning accuracy, exacting construction techniques, flexible designs, high speed, and reliability.
Headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut, Tsugami America provides machine tools and engineering expertise through an extensive network of authorized distributors and technical centers. Technical support and customer service are available throughout North America. Our distributors’ trained service personnel provide technical support throughout the long life-cycle of our Tsugami machine tools, and work hand-in-hand with Tsugami America engineers to deliver common-sense solutions to everyday problems.

Precision Tsugami is ranked #1 among global machine tool builders specializing in technology for machining small parts. CNC Swiss Type Lathes and Turning Centers, including Opposed Gang Tool Lathes, Gang/Turret Lathes, Multitasking Machines, Vertical and Horizontal CNC Milling Machines are our core products. These high-precision machine tools are used to make small parts up to 38 mm in diameter for medical, aerospace, defense, and automotive industries.
Most Tsugami CNC lathes utilize sliding headstock technology (also referred to as “Swiss type” turning) to machine high precision parts quickly and accurately. This technology delivers unmatched precision, speed, and accuracy due to the ability to complete multiple metal cutting operations in a single set-up.

In addition to delivering all of the benefits of classic “Swiss type” manufacturing, the Tsugami product line also offers customers unique options and flexibility. Many of Tsugami’s CNC machines may be operated as both a CNC Swiss type lathe and traditional turning center with the quick installation of an optional “chucker” kit.
Our application engineers help customers tackle and solve the toughest high-precision manufacturing challenges, on-time and on-budget. We have a 35-year history and reputation of serving the needs of small parts manufacturers in North America with the highest level of expertise and customer care.
Our industry-respected, knowledgeable staff is comprised of both long-time employees and fresh faces all who share a commitment to provide you, our customers, with the competitive advantage to “do more with less” every day.

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