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In 1985 we delivered the first machining centers to the USA. To the country, where large-scale car manufacturing was born and individual mobility was made possible to many people at affordable prices for the first time. The United States alone is one of the largest markets for automobiles in the world. Alongside Canada and Mexico, it is also a member of NAFTA. In this region manufacturers are investing in new manufacturing capabilities, confident in future sustainable growth. The local suppliers are using our SW solutions more and more frequently for higher precision requirements due to high cost pressure.

To be able to respond faster and more selectively to our local customers‘ requirements and to give them assurance that we fully support them in the long term, we built a new facility here in the USA. This facility located in the State of Michigan, not far from Detroit and about 40 minutes north of the Detroit Metro Airport, adapts basic machines delivered from Germany to the specifications of our regional customers. The team from SW North America also provides all services related to engineering, machine acceptance, training and machine trials and demonstrations in the Technology Center as well as complete SW ‘life’ services. In 2017 this location came into operation, underlining our commitment to be readily accessible for our North-American customers. We have come to stay.

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