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Founded in 1918, the Kitagawa Corporation has its head office in the Hiroshima prefecture, Japan. The Kitagawa Corporation largely consists of three separate companies that have different engineering and manufacturing disciplines. The Kitagawa SunTech Company was established to deliver large-scale infrastructure projects whereas the Kitagawa Material Technology Company supplies parts for the automotive, machinery and construction industries, sitting at the cutting edge of casting technology, design, development and automation processes. Kitagawa Europe solely represents and promotes the machine tool accessory products produced by Kitagawa Global Hand Company.

Kitagawa Europe was founded in 1982 as a joint venture between Kitagawa Corporation and S. Threipland to promote, stock and provide service for Kitagawa Corporation’s machine tool accessory products throughout Europe, Russia, the Middle East, India and Africa via a distribution network.

The product range is extremely diverse and remarkably comprehensive in each of the product divisions. Within the armoury, Kitagawa manufactures a complete range of power, manual and static chucks, collet chucks and expanding mandrels, 4th and 5th axis NC rotary tables, production systems and controllers, robotic grippers, 5-axis workholding solutions, hydraulic cylinders, vises, steady rests, jaws, T-nuts and much more. For solutions that go beyond ‘off the shelf’, Kitagawa has ARG (Application Research Group). The ARG are a global group of Kitagawa engineers that focus on the most difficult workholding problems. What this means, is when a sale representative is discussing a work holding issue with you, they are backed up by an expert team to give you rapid answers and quotes to provide you with the timeline and knowledge you need to move forward with your production.

If you have a workholding issue, you can contact Kitagawa. Alternatively, if you have a particular challenge that needs a technical solution, you can view this video: to find out how Kitagawa Europe can serve your manufacturing needs.

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