Fancy a new 5 axis!!

Check out the incredible new Kitamura 5-axis machine, now in stock at Dugard in Hove! Lyndsey recently embarked on a journey down south to explore Dugard’s latest stock machine offerings, and this model really caught her attention. In this exciting video, Lyndsey showcases the remarkable features of the Kitamura 5-axis machine, but there’s one detail left out— the price! For that, you’ll need to reach out to Dugard directly. However, we can assure you that the package they’re offering for this machine will leave you pleasantly surprised compared to others. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your machining capabilities with the Kitamura 5-axis machine! Contact Dugard today to inquire about pricing and get ready to be amazed. #Kitamura #5AxisMachine #Dugard #Machining #Manufacturing #StockMachine #UpgradeYourShop #Innovation #PrecisionEngineering