Shop Rescue Episode 3: A spectacular finale of triumph unleashed at Preece Machining and Assembly!

Grab some popcorn for the third part of an AMAZING trilogy: Shop Rescue.

What started with drama and developed into growth and excitement has now ended with this machine shop hitting double bottom-line net profit and 20% increased gross margin! But the most significant outcome of this story is the fact that brothers Nick and Tanner from Preece Machining and Assembly have more time on their hands to do what they love, prioritise their personal lives, and focus on growing the business.

In this power-packed finale about success, Dave and Mike from EBITDA Growth Systems double-down on their mission statement, “Impacting lives through improving business performance.” The best part? We get to hear straight from Nick and Tanner about their six-month journey – from working 90 hours a week to now achieving unbelievable profitability while taking time off!

This is a story of relentless pursuit, teamwork, and passion – all coming together to demonstrate a jaw-dropping transformation.

Join MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn on this extraordinary adventure to find out how machine shops can generate huge savings in time and costs by focusing on improved processes and accurate data. As the saying goes, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Shop Rescue is sponsored by the following incredible companies:

  • IMTS – International Manufacturing Technology Show
  • Paperless Parts
  • Datanomix,
  • ProShop ERP
  • Edge Technologies
  • Blaser Swisslube
  • Aeroex Technologies Inc.
  • Jergens, Inc.
  • Professional Employment Group of Colorado

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