Index Promotes Erik Hutchinson to National Service Manager

Index is pleased to announce the promotion of Erik Hutchinson to the position of National Service Manager. Hutchinson, who joined Index in September 2020 as a field service engineer, was promoted to East Coast Regional Service Manager after just 18 months. His career spans nearly three decades of experience as a technician and engineer across multiple industries, including significant time in the maritime and telecom sectors and over 10 years servicing machine tools.

“Over the past six years, we have nearly doubled in size, both in terms of sales and staff,” says Cris Taylor, Index President and CEO. “With more machines in the field, we have invested significant resources in ensuring we have a talented, highly trained team to respond quickly to customer needs. This department has grown to the point of needing a dedicated manager, and we know from Erik’s success at Index that he’ll do an exceptional job in this leadership position.”

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