Unbelievably accurate and flexible, the automated Exeron MP9 from YCM Alliance lets you do more on a single machi

Can your machine handle parts less than a micron? Incredibly accurate, flexible, and quick, the automated Exeron MP9 is a game changer for high-mix low-volume production! Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and Keith Kauzlarich of YCM Alliance dive into the highly precise linear motor machine that offers an HSK-50 spindle, 36,000 RPM, and the flexibility to switch between graphite and steel cutting. Designed to be super-fast at 60 meters a minute, the machine delivers ultimate reliability and precision with exceptional lead times, maximum throughput, and quality parts. Hear more from Keith on the German-made 5-axis trunnion machine and how it can be automated to deliver 6,000 hours a year of throughput!

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