Mazak VCN 700 complete review and specs

Paul Jones from MTDCNC speaks to Mark Hall about another new product from Mazak at the European headquarter in Worcester. The VCN 700 is one in a new line of vertical machining centres that gives performance and green credentials.

But how is it different from other similar purpose machines? It has a generous size and large table targeted at dynamic performance in milling. It’s built keeping in mind the needs of customers as well as research in the marketplace to understand what Mazak suppliers and tooling people really need.

How does the VCN 700 cope with dynamic milling so perfectly? Mazak has adapted their specification to match with market requirements, giving a solid build, control system and large y-axis.

The machine is agile and changes direction quickly, providing a stable platform and high precision through pre-tensioned grind ball screws. Mazak reassures customers of high-quality assembly and longevity. The target audience in the UK includes a varied customer base looking for extra milling performance and capacity. If you’re up for build, quality, high-speed operation, and significant time savings, this precision-based machine has a package that delivers on all fronts.

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