Whitehouse Machine Tools collaborate to showcase the Brother Speedio F600

Whitehouse Machine Tools are working together with different partners to show the performance of the Brother Speedio F600 high-efficiency machining center. Experts from Tungaloy, OSG, Oemeta, Blum and 5th Access Workholding share their views on this exciting collaboration and how their own products have played a special part in showcasing productivity gains for customers. Whitehouse Machine Tools believe that it’s not just about the machines on the floor but understanding customer requirements and challenges to develop a solution that satisfies those needs from implementation through to support. The event has been an exclusive opportunity for all partner brands to demonstrate their products on Brother machines and bring the benefits of high-speed applications combined with exceptional tooling, workholding, drilling, cutting and clamping! Watch the video to find out how the Brother Speedio F600X1 can deliver increased capability for cutting tough materials as well as an 80% reduction in power consumption, reduced cycle time, green credentials and a compact footprint all in one!

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