Double the capacity for unmanned running with the flexible and compact CUBEBOX supplied by Whitehouse Machine Tools!

Are you after the ultimate unmanned run? This seriously flexible, compact, and easy to use system is a cracking piece of kit for the level of investment MTDCNC’s Lyndsey Vickers meets Peter Smith and Sean Terry of Whitehouse Machine Tools to learn about the game-changing automation system by Tezmaksan Robot Technologies. Demonstrated on the Brother SPEEDIO F600X1, the flexible CUBEBOX can be configured with a rotary table or conveyor system to feed one or two machines! The system offers excellent vision sensing for safety and can be used as a machining centre and turning centre. Find out how you can leverage full automation with any existing machines to facilitate two or three shifts and get the most out of your investments with an easy software, simple setup procedure, and app-like interface! Get your hands on this mind-blowing technology supplied by Whitehouse Machine Tools.

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