Brother SPEEDIO F600X1 Machine Review at Whitehouse Machine Tools

MTDCNC’s Paul Jones reviews the new Brother SPEEDIO F600X1 30 taper machine with Pete Smith from Whitehouse Machine Tools. The Bother F600X1 is designed especially for tough materials. With a bigger spindle bearing diameter, more servo thrust, and bigger ball screws, the new machine delivers as much power & torque as a 40 taper spindle machine. From a design point of view, the new machine now has a moving “Y” axis & the traveling column is “X” & “Z” allowing the the spindle centre line to be closer to the column all adding to greater rigidity. As with all Brother CNC machines this one is super fast with an acceleration of 2.2G compared to a 40 taper machine which typically has an acceleration of 0.7-0.8G, this helps to massively reduce the none contact time of the machine producing finished parts quicker. How quick I hear you ask? In tests they have been able to achieve cycle times of between 30%- 50% faster and in extreme case up to 70% faster. With performance like this it is possible to replace 2 or 3 40 taper machines with 1 or 2 Brother SPEEDIO F600X1 machines in turn saving you floor space and cost savings in electricity & air, all crucial in these times of escalating energy costs. These tough, reliable high performance machines are designed to run for 3 shifts, so pick up the phone now & call Whitehouse Machine Tools and find out more about these amazing little machines.

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