5 Axis game changer.

Looking to maximise your workshop’s productivity without sacrificing space? Lyndsey Vickers chats with Dan Hayes from WH Lead to explore the incredible Leadwell V-30iT, a 5-axis machine that’s changing the game.

In this must-see video, we dive into the all-in-one Leadwell V-30iT, a 5-axis machine equipped with FANUC CNC control. It offers the unique benefit of reducing your workshop footprint, thanks to its design which includes both a rotary table and a standard bed.

Get an in-depth look at the Leadwell V-30iT’s unique features, including its one-part-per-machine efficiency. With a decreased footprint and top-notch functionality, this 5-axis machine is a real game-changer for any workshop.

Don’t miss out! If you’re looking to improve your operations and your space, you won’t want to miss this detailed breakdown. The Leadwell V-30iT is available from WH Lead and is in-stock now!

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