Starrag’s Edge: Engineering Every Part of an Aircraft Engine | Starrag Tech Days Switzerland

Unlock the secrets behind Starrag’s unparalleled ability to engineer every intricate part of an aircraft engine. In this exclusive chat at the Tech Days in Switzerland, Thomas Granjon from Starrag speaks to MTDCNC’s Paul Jones, revealing the depth of their expertise and prowess.

– Dive into Starrag’s unique approach to designing and producing each segment of an aircraft engine, ensuring utmost efficiency.
– Discover how they tackle the challenges of hard materials, harnessing high-pressure coolant and state-of-the-art milling techniques.
– Beyond aerospace: Starrag’s versatility expands to serve industries like power generation with the same precision and dedication.

It’s not just about the machine tools. It’s about innovating solutions that reshape the aerospace industry. Starrag stands at the forefront, delivering unmatched engineering solutions for every engine component.

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