Revolutionary Aerospace Machining at Starrag Tech Days Switzerland | Titanium Blisk

Join Paul Jones of MTDCNC as he delves into the future of aerospace machining at the Starrag Tech Days in Switzerland. 🚀 In this exciting session, Tim Day from Starrag unveils a titanium masterpiece designed in-house, catching every attendee’s eye. Dive into a ground breaking collaboration between #Starrag, #CaronEngineering, and #Blum.

🛠 Understand the importance of measuring and monitoring during the aerospace machining process.
🌪 Discover how to maximise tool life while ensuring safety and efficiency.
💡 Gain insights into the 24-hour lights out machining and its importance for safety.

Want to revolutionise your aerospace machining processes? Learn from the experts and get ahead with techniques that are critical for the aerospace industry.

Did you know that efficient processes can ensure machine parts that will safely fly for thousands of hours? Tim Day sheds light on why OEMs demand this meticulous system.

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