Keeping that spindle running unmanned, what you need to know.

How do you ensure process reliability and continuous running when multi-tasking on machines? In this episode, no.5, Paul Jones of MTDCNC and Lee Scott of Starrag discuss the Heckert compact range of machines designed to meet customer expectations. A horizontal 5-axis machining center with a twin pallet solution, the compact Heckert is capable of a multitude of machining operations, including milling, turning, grinding, and power skiving. The ease of use and functionality delivers continuous operation, with features such as chip readers for storing data and manuals, a 40-tool carousel that can go up to over 400 tools, integration with robot systems or pallet systems, and the ability to probe and measure before, after, or within the machining process! The best part? This range of market-competitive machines is affordable for any job shop or OEM! Get in touch with Lee Scott if you want to improve productivity and throughput to make parts faster.

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