Renishaw’s innovative FORTiS encoder promises reliability, longevity, and robust performance

Linear scale vibration can hold your machine back from performing to its full capabilities. Fortunately, Renishaw’s latest innovation of the new FORTiS encoder can solve the problem and help you get the best performance out of your machine! MTDCNC’s Giovanni Albanese meets Renishaw’s Corrie Fearon to understand how they’ve overcome the sensitivity of the linear scales to vibration, ensuring the encoder doesn’t fall apart no matter what you throw at it. With Renishaw’s patented tuned mass damping technology, the non-contact encoder offers enhanced longevity, reliability, and performance for high-speed machining and uninterrupted cuts! Watch the video to learn more as Corrie explains the proven benefits of their latest technology with a sinusoidal sweep test.

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