Laser Next from Prima Power is the F1 of laser cutters for complex parts!

Catch Rowan Easter-Robinson in an exclusive interview with Barry Rooney from Prima Power as they discuss the fast, efficient, and powerful 3D laser. Combining 40 years of innovation. The flagship machine offers the ultimate package with a 2 meter by 4 meter capacity, one meter stroke in the z axis, and fiber optic technology developed by Prima Power themselves. There’s carbon fiber and synthetic granite in the machine, and it can move around complex large-sized parts produced for the automotive, nuclear, aerospace, and oil and gas industries. The Laser Next also comes with different loading options for optimized efficiency in cycle times. Watch the video to hear more from Barry on how the programming control in the machine and the sensor technology on the head help to get a clean and accurate cut on complex 3D forms while maintaining optimum distance during cutting.

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