Xtended’s patented RFID tags offer extreme durability for heavy-duty industries

Tony Gunn interviews Mitchell Steffensen and Jordan Baptiste from Xtended on the benefits of their patented RFID chip and its future applications. RFID tags are used to help with asset management and traceability in the mining industry where conditions tend to be harsh. But to combat the corrosion and damage, Xtended has developed RFID tags that could last for up to 128 hours in sulfuric acid, being branded as extremely high strength and durable. The company is also in the process of developing a drone that flies over the sites and tracks assets. It’s not just the mining industry, Xtended aims to use their patented solution in any industry that has harsh conditions, like agriculture or oil & gas. Find out more about this cool technology and how Xtended is helping people save thousands of dollars by rebuilding a product instead of scrapping it!

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