XR Lab: a cutting-edge educational facility in the UK closing the skills gap!

“This multimillion-pound state-of-the-art facility will democratise the education sector completely and make engineering an accessible career!”

If you’re an aspiring engineer or looking to make a move into the manufacturing industry, you’ve got to check out the XR Lab in the UK. Specialising in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality with Artificial Intelligence built in, the XR Lab is helping to close the gap between education and industry through a hands-on approach towards practical engineering.

Tune in to hear more about this amazing Tesla-inspired facility, straight from the experts themselves: Tom Lloyd of Eastern Education Group, Laraine Moody of West Suffolk College, Richard Bridgman of Warren Services, Andrew Ward of HAAS Automation and Giovanni Patania and Ryan Windsor of WindsorPatania Architects.

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