World Premiere: Dive into Nakamura-Tome’s Machine Innovations | JIMTOF 2023

Explore the latest in Nakamura’s world-class machinery with Tony Gunn and industry expert Sergio Tondato.

Dive deep into the WT-250II’s unique configurations, the medical marvel that is the NTJ-100, and the unparalleled flexibility of Nakamura’s range.

Learn about the innovative software technology that sets Nakamura-Tome apart and the ultimate focus on flexibility and productivity.

For the first time, witness the revamped SC-200 and the giant JX-250’s little brother, the JX-200.

If you’re in automotive, aerospace, or the medical industry, discover how these machines can revolutionise your production line.

Don’t miss the insights on Nakamura’s commitment to including essential features, redefining customer value.

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