What’s special about the 15-degree incline on PROMAC’s 6-axis LEVANTE GTR 1.2 machine?

This multi-functional working centre offers a fantastic heavy cutting machine and fitting machine all in one! Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and Nick Merrifield of Merrifield Machinery Solutions discuss the amazing capabilities of the LEVANTE GTR 1.2 machine by PROMAC. With a 15-degree incline, this 6-axis machine allows you to shorten up tooling and bring the spindle down, offering exceptional performance to go from roughing to deep drilling in a single setup. Having the support for much larger tooling, the LEVANTE GTR comes with an easy-to-integrate automatic pallet changer option. The machine is powered by HEIDENHAIN and Tebis to deliver flexible performance. Watch the video to learn more about the full capabilities of this phenomenal all-in-one machine.

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