What sets Wardcraft Industries apart in the world of conveyors?

If a conveyor goes down, your machine goes down and you start losing money. Fortunately Wardcraft Industries offer the perfect custom conveying solutions to ensure your machine shop stays up and running! Join Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and RJ Archer of Wardcraft Industries as they discuss Wardcraft Industries’ custom solutions for diverse needs across multiple industries. From their origin in grain hauling to their work in automotive material handling today, Wardcraft as a company has over 100 years of expertise in hauling. Beginning their conveyor development in 1950, Wardcraft now develops fully welded conveyors with steel frames no less than 10 gauge. The company is devoted to safety and ease of maintenance for manufacturing and material handling industries, offering operator safety and maximum efficiency for machine shops. Visit www.wardcraftconveyor.com to find out how Wardcraft Industries can keep your machine shop safe from downtime.

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