These machines have a huge potential across the Indian market

MTDCNC’s Ashutosh Arora is at IMTEX to find out more from CEO Shogo Nakamura of Nakamura-Tome about the potential of multi-tasking machines in the Indian market. With a constantly growing manufacturing sector and rising complexity of parts, Indian customers require multi-tasking machines like the SC100X2, a twin-turret multi-tasking machine built for “raw material to complete part in one machine.” Designed to improve productivity and flexibility, the SC100X2 offers benefits such as better floorspace utilization, reduced errors, easy automation, and improved accuracy. With capabilities for automation and oscillation cutting, Nakamura-Tome’s fantastic one-hit machine offers incredible cost savings for customers across a variety of industries. Hear more from Shogo about the fully loaded SC100X2 and why this type of multi-tasking technology with simultaneous machining is such an interesting product for manufacturers in India.

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