Spindles break down because of vibrations – but not with this new Semi Con machine from Hwacheon! | SIMTOS 2024

Can you guess how many holes are in this part? We’ve got the answer, and it’ll leave you nothing but impressed!

Join MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn and Hwacheon’s Klaus Ludwig for a first look at the new Semi Con machine from Hwacheon. With a fast, reliable, and temperature-controlled spindle, this machine is punching holes 7mm deep and 1mm in diameter in about 6.1 seconds. A special lubrication system allows for constant cooling of the bearings, and that means you can run this spindle 24/7 at maximum RPM! Tune in to find out more about the incredible stability and precision of the Semi Con – a machine that showcases Hwacheon’s position as a leader in the industry.

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