Merrifield Machinery Solutions on how machine shops can easily adapt the Aeroex Mist-Fit MF-550

How easy is it for machine shops to adapt the Aeroex Mist-Fit MF-550 oil mist collector? Tony Gunn of MTDCNC is with Nick Merrifield of Merrifield Machinery Solutions to find out! A proven winner over other filter technologies, the Mist-Fit MF-550 is a high-quality, easy to clean, and easy to use solution with fibre bed filtration for effectively removing harmful coolant and oil mist. While the team at Merrifield Machinery Solutions is great with integrations, Nick believes Aeroex makes the mounting and installation process much easier with their adapters that run into the side of the machine or wherever a customer wants to mount the unit. Hear more from Nick about the efficient cookie-cutter installation from Aeroex that saves time for everyone!

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