Lights out running with Eurotech from Merrifield Machinery Solutions

Eurotech has never lost a test cut – and we’re about to find out why!

100% focused on multi-axis turning, Eurotech machines have a special software that allows functions to happen simultaneously – so you can make parts faster by eliminating operations! With extremely strong milling capabilities, 15 horsepower live tools, 12,000 RPM, and 53 foot-pounds of torque, it’s like having a mill inside of a lathe. And that’s not all – coupled with a robust robot, this work cell made by Halter gives 24/7 production capability for some very large workloads.

Join the conversation with Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and Steve Skuras of Merrifield Machinery Solutions as they uncover the secrets behind unattended running, efficient tool monitoring, and the most return on investment!

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