How to prevent coolant foaming to keep those spindles running

Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and John Treese of Master Fluid Solutions discuss the how and why of maintaining coolant to reduce foaming. Among the four major problems when it comes to coolant maintenance, foaming is commonly believed to be a result of high-pressure systems. John talks about coolant behaviour, emphasising that not every coolant is designed to work with a high-pressure system. Constant running results in a build-up of foam that’s likely to stay around and cause issues. Apart from using new coolant technology, John shares a few remedies to prevent foaming which include maintaining the right concentration and checking filtration units. Not changing filters often enough when working with high-pressure systems can negatively impact filtration. Machine instructions come with information on inlet and outlet pressure, which can help you know when it’s time to switch and change filters. Hear more from John on how you can keep those spindles running when working with high-pressure systems!

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