Future of US Manufacturing: Automation Explained

Welcome to an insightful journey into the heart of automation in modern US manufacturing.

Explore how US factories are adapting to the changing workforce landscape and embracing the era of automation. Dive into the discussions ranging from robotics, surface finishing to precision robotics and more.

Join Tony Gunn as he visits the brand new Allendale Machinery Systems facility in New Jersey, brought to you exclusively by MTDCNC North America.

Through the lens of industry leaders like Brian Guy from Schunk, Mark Tarighi from Reliabotics, John M. Bridgen from Precision Cobotics, Fred Haas from New Scale Robotics, and Alec Tomasula from Allendale Machinery Systems, discover the essentials of automation, its significance, and cutting-edge solutions tailored for today’s manufacturing challenges.

From the nitty-gritty of micro crystal glass technology to the ease of precision robotics, this video unveils innovative technologies ready to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape.

Uncover how the ageing workforce can be seamlessly replaced with automation, enabling US factories to remain globally competitive and self-reliant, especially in critical times like pandemics.

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