Matsuura’s success of unmanned running with Murata machines

MTDCNC brings you a tour of the machine preparation zone at Matsuura Machinery! Paul Jones talks to Mark Cumberland from Matsuura Machinery to find out about their success story with Murata machines. Matsuura have sent a good throughput of machines to respective customers and are now going on to the next batch of machines which include the Matsuuras and Muratas. The Murata is all about automation and unmanned running with the ability to load and unload in 7 seconds. The MT range is a huge part of Muratec machines suited to typical subcontractors in the UK. Mark talks about the two variants including the MT100i and MT200i, and the MT100G and MT200G. These machines are quick, accurate, and stable, providing the process capability to run through the night unmanned! Catch all the details in the video, and learn more about their current “Buy now, pay later” scheme on Murata machines. Visit

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