Limitless capabilities with the Muratec MWR120 from Matsuura!

What are the advantages of a parallel spindle machine compared to an opposing spindle? Join Paul Jones of MTDCNC and David Lowe of Matsuura as they review the Muratec MWR120, a twin gantry, twin spindle, twin turret, and twin y-axis machine that can operate in two permutations. Designed purely for billet work, the MWR120 has a stocker at each end and a turnover unit above that turns as it’s still machining. The working envelope allows for sister tooling, group tooling, and double capacity where a 10-station turret can have up to 20 tools per turret allowing both milling and turning capability for fast, repetitive, and quick cycle time work as well as more complex work. The machine is built for longer lights-out runs with the capability of sister tool groups, spindle load monitoring, tool load monitoring, a wide swarf conveyor, and air and coolant through and above each spindle. The MWR120 is well suited for subcontract machining companies in the automotive, medical, and aerospace sectors. If you’re looking for premium build quality and ultimate versatility, check out Muratec machines from Matsuura.

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