The new Milltronics VM 3018 – quality and robustness with a turnkey approach from Leader CNC Technologies

The buck stops with Milltronics – because everything from the control to the machine is done in this factory!

Milltronics are showcasing a brand-new machine in a brand-new showroom. But what’s so great about the VM 3018? Let’s just say all the “things you can hate about a machine once you’ve bought it” are taken out of the process!

Robust, high-quality, and affordable with a turnkey approach from Leader CNC Technologies, this machine is the product of 40 years of experience at Milltronics. Tune in for a deep dive into this incredible technology with MTDCNC’s Rowan Easter-Robinson, Milltronics’ Jeff Nixon, and Leader CNC Technologies’ James Leet and find out why this machine stands out in the market!

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