Robot-less automated production at Rydal Precision Engineering with the LANG TECHNIK HAUBEX

Are you thinking about automation but not quite ready for a robot? The LANG HAUBEX might be the solution for you. Tom Skubala of MTDCNC interviews Paul Rhodes of Rydal Precision Engineering to understand how the simple plug-and-play system works. The cost-effective solution goes into the machine without the need for any integration, hydraulics, or additional work. Paul describes the table in the machine and a carrier that goes into the tool changer with components inside. After a tool change, the carrier goes away and you’re ready to machine! The HAUBEX is ideal for jobs that have some batch work since it can easily be removed when you don’t need it. The system comes with a standard 77mm vice that’s tiny but powerful with the same gripping technology. Paul explains the reason behind shaving a bit of the vice and how the stamping technology ensures the same grip every time. Watch the video to find out more on running additional hours without the expense of a robot or pallet system.

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