Guhring RT 100 XF drill and HR 500 reamer designed for performance and durability

Guhring are at the top of their game in world-class hole making and drilling and Rowan is at CIS High Wycombe to ask Nicky Erics exactly why that’s the case. Nicky talks about the high-performance RT 100 XF specialist drill for steel materials, their latest product that’s doing exceptionally well in the market. With a tensile strength of 1,400 Newton-meter squared, it can work with super hard steels and a range of other materials such as stainless. The ultra-fine micro-grade carbide drill gives it a re-sharpening effect, so you don’t face the same traditional wear. Its Nano FIBREX coating delivers a polished finish and helps with chip evacuation. We also explore the HR 500 reamer that’s up to 10x quicker than a traditional reamer and offers phenomenal feed rates up to 2.5mm per rev. Check out the video for more on Guhring’s cutting-edge technology and how you can run a 40xD drill on a traditional machining centre.

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