Automate high-mix low-volume jobs with HAAS VF-2SSYT and new pallet pool from Grupo Hi-Tec

If you think you don’t have enough jobs to go into automation, think again! Join Tony Gunn of MTDCNC in Mexico for a review of the incredible HAAS VF-2SSYT with the new pallet pool. The 3-axis machine has great size, spindle speed, and rigidity but also offers extra bed length as well as super speed to move quicker both on the machine and in the software. Built for high-mix low-volume jobs, the VF-2SSYT allows you to mix and match with pallets and put several different jobs on the same pallet pool. If you want to keep your company thriving and productive, get in touch with Grupo Hi-Tec for service, support, and machine financing.

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