Extreme flexibility and precision for huge parts with FPT Industrie’s DINOWIDE vertical gantry machine

If you want a machine that makes machines, you need something like the massive DINOWIDE vertical gantry machine from FPT Industrie. This 30-meter-long machine spans 32 feet between columns in the Y and offers an infinite amount of travel in the X, making it the perfect gantry machine for huge parts. Learn more from Rowan of MTDCNC and Ezhil Viswanathan of FPT Industrie as they discuss automatic tool changeability, high-torque applications, and extreme precision with a high-accuracy machine designed for aerospace, naval, and power generation industries and machine tool builders. Machine Specs: X Travel: 8m + Y Travel: upto 8.3m Total Vertical travel W+Z: 5.5m Torque with mechanical geared head : 11250 Nm RPM with High speed Electrospindle: 24000 rpm