This is the most successful Correa FOX machine for roughing and finishing

Andy from DTS UK talks to Paul Jones about the most successful Correa FOX, an innovative bridge-type machine known for its flexibility, accuracy, rigidity, and technology. The FOX offers roughing and finishing on the same machine, a feature that’s very hard to come by in bridge-type milling machines. It can be a heavy roughing machine but also offer high accuracy and finishing by changing from the AUD to E5E head. Water jackets down the side are cooled with water, and the head is also cooled and temperature controlled. Columns are concrete filled with metallic fibers, which add dampening capacity to keep the machine stiff for roughing. Customers are impressed by the machine’s longevity and the quick delivery that DTS UK offer. Watch the video for all the details on traditional roughing capacity and high precision machining with Correa FOX.

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