Gun drilling and milling with the hybrid and customizable IXN 3000 from CHETO

Do you want to remove two machines from a process and turn it into one for gun drilling and milling? The IXN 3000 from CHETO in Portugal is a fascinating machine for cast parts required by a variety of sectors. Sergio Andre of CHETO and Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTDCNC discuss the 7-axis machine designed for small and large parts, offering great accessibility, mechanical construction, and a low-power consumption spindle. Depending on your application requirements, the machine offers loads of customization, including great operator ergonomics, flexible control options, two different tool changers, mist collection, and an optional pallet system to load and unload parts up to 12 tonnes! If you want to know more about the attention to detail in this wonderful machine, check out CHETO at