This is why OGP UK are the leaders in multi-sensor metrology systems!

Paul Jones from MTDCNC is with Graham Shaw, Sales Manager at OGP UK, to discuss the OGP division within the Carfulan Group. Graham talks about the business from the ground up and what kind of innovative products are in the market. Starting off with optical measuring equipment manufacturing in 1946, OGP UK went into multi-sensor machines around early 1972. Multi-sensor machines incorporate tactile measurement and laser measurement for the optical capability to measure flatness or roundness of manufactured components. These machines help industries such as aerospace, medical, and plastic molding manufacturing. Optical measurement can acquire 150 points in about 0.5 seconds and allow tolerances similar to CMMs – 2 microns X and Y, 3 microns in the Z axis. Watch the video for more on cutting edge multi-sensor technology and how their products can help production managers, quality engineers, and inspection teams measure parts precisely and accurately!

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