Axile’s 4.0 leading machine features groundbreaking automation technology

Tony Gunn interviews Joe Poulin to find out about the 4.0 leading technology machine from Axile. The groundbreaking technology on the machine offers a lot, but from a machining perspective, it enables customers to monitor wear components in the machine and provide that data to factories, end users, and company owners. The futuristic machine has over 100 sensors built in to gather data through the analyzer and portray it on the screen in the form of real, usable information. The two biggest benefits include: knowing about expected/unexpected downtimes, essentially eliminating the diagnostic side, and reducing delivery of replacement parts. The Axile machine features an 80-tool changer and a dynamic Heidenhain control. Capable of easy-access operation, it comes with a twin pallet system with the option to upgrade to a pallet pool of 6 or an FMS with 12, 24 and 36 pallets. Watch the video for more on precision, speed, accuracy, flexibility, and automation with Axile.