The future of Xtended Hydraulics and Machine, a world leader in position-sensing technology and hydraulic cylinders

What does the future of world leader Xtended Hydraulics and Machine look like? Tony Gunn of MTDCNC interviews Jordan Baptiste of Xtended to learn more about all the creative ideas happening at their facility in Saskatchewan! As a business focused on continuous improvement through the adoption of technology, Xtended Hydraulics and Machine support the industry with their investments in top-of-the-line Mazak machines, fully automated cells from Acieta and FANUC, and highly skilled teams including 50% Indigenous employees. Hear more from Jordan on how the company works in one of the most difficult environments on the planet, mining difficult materials and creating RFID chips that survive harsh conditions, to become a competitive and cost-effective supplier of high-quality products for the local supply chain and outside of Saskatchewan.

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