All things automation with Acieta’s Jim Syme

At the forefront of advancing manufacturer companies, automation is the next big step to boost productivity. So why are customers so reluctant to invest? Tony Gunn from MTDCNC is in Canada to talk about the advantages of automation with Jim Syme from Acieta. Acieta brings to the table a set of robotic skills that not only give companies a chance at automating, but helps teach the skills that are needed to be successful. Automation is not meant to take jobs – it removes the dull, dangerous, and dirty work, allowing employees to be more creative. By adopting Acieta’s welding cell, Xtended Hydraulics & Machine is a great example of a company that hit massive growth targets. Learn more from Jim Syme and his 3 decades of experience working in automation, as he breaks down some of the misconceptions and why you should make the move to stay competitive!

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